Posts and blogs by others which I have found helpful

I found this story and its comments section helpful…..

This blog is also helpful for families who are just learning their child has an issue with stool withholding, called encopresis….

And last but not least, here is a blog written by a woman who was affected by encopresis for much of her childhood before finally getting diagnosed at age 15. She is now an enco survivor and is trying to petition Ellen Degeneres to bring her on to her show to raise awareness of encopresis, to break the stigma, and help those families and individuals affected by the condition. Good on ya, mate!


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I am a wife, a mom of two children, an allied health professional, and a writer, living in the USA. I have experience potty training my own children (one who was extremely difficult to train and the other, extremely easy) as well as having cared for another child in my home through her process of learning to use the potty. I know I am not alone in struggling through an extended period of potty training a child, and I want to help other parents who are going through it as well.